Amathuba Connect (PTY) Ltd is the leading independent low cost high speed WIFI supplier & provider in Southern Africa. Amathuba aims to deploy its WIFI Network to all rural communities through its high end equipment. Our aim is to become the leader in the ISP Mobile Network space to the end user.

With a disruptive approach in deploying our network in all rural communities is South Africa, Amathuba plans to roll out its WIFI network in 47 Areas, covering 8,4 Million South Africans. This will require us as Amathuba to erect 16034 mast’s country wide.

With a back bone of 47 000 Mbps link back to Teraco.We started out by questioning the price of data in South Africa by large corporates who have placed South Africa as one of the most expensive mobile data prices in the World. We as Amathuba created a solution to a problem we face in our country.

Everyone in South Africa has a need, a right to be connected to the world wide web at a low cost and seamless connectivity.Our dynamic model will allow us to be become the most cost effective and most reliable mobile network in South Africa.